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Learn more about how you can become a Voice For Kids!

If you have 15 minutes a week, you can make a difference for children. Every Child Matters on Long Island keeps advocates informed and connected to actions they can take for children through e-newsletters, action alerts, social media and phone calls. Whether it is signing a petition or calling lawmakers, we will let you know how you can step up for kids each week. Interested in doing your part for kids?

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Other 15 Minute Actions You Can Take:

  • Vote with Kids in Mind
  • Read the Every Child Matters E-Newsletter
  • Visit the Every Child Matters Website
  • Wear an Every Child Matters T-Shirt
  • Display an Every Child Matters Bumper Sticker
  • Display an Every Child Matters Vote Poster
  • Share Every Child Matters Literature with Others
  • Write a Letter to the Media or a Public Figure
  • Keep Your Friends and Family Updated on Kids Issues

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