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Our country needs to close the “opportunity gap” and lift children out of poverty so that every child gets a fair shot at success. We need family-friendly workplace policies so parents can earn a living and care for their families. Every child deserves a strong start with high-quality preschool, accesss to insurance and high-quality medical care and to live in safe environment without abuse or violence.

Failing our children today, is not just morally wrong, it is counterproductive – ultimately leaving us less competitive in the global economy. The development of human capital is central to U.S. global competitiveness, increased productivity, school readiness, caring for an aging population, and fulfilling the moral obligation each generation has to leave the world better off for the one that follows. This is not the time to step backwards.

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About Us

Every Child Matters on Long Island is a campaign of the Every Child Matters Education Fund, a non-profit, non-partisan organization working to close the opportunity gap facing America's children and families by making public investments in kids, youth, and families a national priority.

Most people want to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Sometimes it seems difficult, complicated or inconvenient to get involved. Every Child Matters on Long Island provides individuals and organizations with meaningful opportunities to effect positive change in the lives of our most vulnerable community members, children. We are dedicated to advocating for and elevating the voice of children locally, state-wide and nationally. 

​What makes Every Child Matters different is that we focus on raising the visibility of children and family issues during elections. We urge candidates to support, and the public to demand, greater investments in programs and policies that will help close the opportunity gap facing America's children and families.